Thursday, June 29, 2017

TreeShare - Downloading Sources

Randy Seaver recently posted, Looking at My New RootsMagic Upload Ancestry Member Tree and Source Citations. A reader posted a comment asking about the downloading of citations from Ancestry. I replied based on my experiences during beta testing. However, I decided to re-look at the issue with the newly updated version of RootsMagic.

To experiment with this, I imported a gedcom of a small portion of my database into RootsMagic.

I then uploaded that database to Ancestry, creating a new tree. Within that tree, I looked at the hints for Albert Hutchinson.
I accepted the hints for the 1850, 1860 and 1870 U.S. Census. On the Ancestry side, this created one source citation and linked it to multiple facts. For example, the 1850 census was linked to both the birth and the residence fact.

On the RootsMagic side, TreeShare indicated that there were three new 'Residence' facts on Ancestry that were not in RootsMagic.

 Working with the 1850 residence fact, I selected 'Add as new event in RootsMagic' and accepted the changes.
The process was repeated for the 1860 and 1870 Residence events. Now RootsMagic 'agrees' (solid green) with Ancestry.

In RootsMagic, the source screen for the 1850 Residence fact contains the newly downloaded census information.

Editing that source reveals a new master source: 1850 United States Federal Census. This source is using the 'Ancestry Record' template.

The 'Ancestry Record' template appears to follow guidelines for citing a book.

The source list reveals that the citations will be 'lumped' together under the broad title of the database:

This handling of downloaded sources is much cleaner than what I experienced mid-beta testing.