Friday, June 30, 2017

Ancestry Tree Limit Question

During the middle of beta testing for RootsMagic, my husband asked a very scary question:

"What happened to my tree? It's not there!"

Afraid that in my deleting test trees, I had mistakenly deleted his tree, I was scared too.

Upon investigating, we discovered that his tree was still there! However, it wasn't showing on the pull down list of trees.

Instead it had been shoved aside (to the bottom) by all of my 'trees'. Several of those trees were trees uploaded for the beta testing. Other trees on the list were ones I created for some of my DNA matches.

To get to his tree we had to scroll clear to the bottom of the list of trees and click on the link to 'Create and Manage Trees'

From there we could locate his tree and click to 'View Tree Overview'

On the overview screen, there was the familiar tree icon with a pull down menu that would take us to the tree view.

Relieved that his tree was still there (big relief), I then started cleaning up my 'trees'. I deleted some of my beta test trees and combined my DNA trees into one larger tree. As soon as I had reduced the number of trees I was managing to under 10, his tree popped back up on the pull down list.

So the lesson learned is that there might not be a limit to the number of trees, BUT  there is a

Limit of Ten Trees on the Pull Down Menu