Friday, June 30, 2017

New Tree DNA Issues

On Wednesday (June 28), I uploaded my RootsMagic data to Ancestry, thus creating a new tree. Since I want to be able to utilize the TreeShare features of Ancestry, I want this new tree to be my primary tree in Ancestry. Thus, I attached my DNA results to this new tree.

I knew that when I switched my DNA to this new tree, it was going to cause some 'hiccups' in my DNA screens AND that it might take several days (weeks) for those 'hiccups' to go away.

However, I am seeing some strange, unexpected behavior that I'm trying to figure out the cause.

The first strange behavior is with the 'Shared Ancestor Hints'. I expected them to drop to zero and had documented those matches. Even though I can understand the few I have back, I can't figure out why I got those and not others.

The 5 shared Ancestor Hints are from my Briles (Broyles) / Rush line. I have circles for a couple of men on my Briles line and for my Rush line. However, these 5 people are not on the list of matches for the circles.

In trying to figure out why those I expect to appear aren't showing up, I discovered another strange behavior. I looked at my DNA match with my dad's first cousin. Since she has a tree and since I have accepted Ancestry hints for our common ancestor, she is one of the first people I expected to reappear on my list of shared matches. We also are grouped together in quite a few of my circles.

As indicated in the note, Judson Crawford is one of our common ancestors. Her DNA match screen shows that she has Judson Crawford in her tree.

My tree also contains Judson Crawford.

When I click on Judson F Crawford in my tree, a window opens showing his full name and birth/death information.

If I go back to her DNA match screen and look at her Crawfords, she has the same birth and death years for Judson Crawford that I have.

So, my question: Why is it only showing shared surnames and not a screen comparing our trees back to the common ancestor?

I plan to call Ancestry on this, but am wondering if anyone else with DNA attached to a new tree is having similar issues.