Saturday, March 5, 2016

Week 3 Genealogy Do Over (July 2015)

July 17, 2015 #Wk3GenealogyDoOver
This is the end of week 2 and I don't feel like I've made much progress, so let's review:
  • Cleaned off desk - my husband even noticed (now to keep it fairly clean)
  • Wrote (at least started) interview of self
  • Selected 'questions' for relatives and sent off to 'cousins' - Even received two back already!
  • Switched focus of scanning - pulled out my scrapbook and started working from me back thru the family notebooks
    • Discovered my baptism certificate - I hadn't had this info in my genealogy data before
  • Investigated TNG software / configured site at
    • Want to be able to let cousin(s) have access to full research - this will meet that goal
    • Still need to upload the media
    • Need to check permissions - not sure they are set correctly
  • Tried to create a wiki-tree - gedcom didn't go up
  • Focused on using Roots Magic for genealogy software
  • Began going thru documentation for myself and updating the source citations to EE standards
  • Watched webinars / read blogs
  • Read blog on effectiveness of a blog
    • Started blogging 'stories' based on 52Ancestors Challenge
    • Added image to header of wordpress blog
    • Changed theme / added header to this site
    • Trying to get everything accessible from one location
  • Established File Management procedure in OneNote
    • Moved RootsMagic database to dropbox
    • Moved media files (jpegs) for Roots Magic to Dropbox
  • Created goals (list of question for mom) in OneNote
    • Learned to attach media to a source citation in RootsMagic
    • Selected Thomas MacEntee's Research log template for my research log
    • Configured this Google site to have the form for the research log so I could easily enter the data
  • Took time out to do summer book order for NCHS library
  • Continuing to scan
Guess I made more progress than I thought!