Monday, March 7, 2016

Finding Ways to Share

The tasks for Feb.28th thru March 5th centered around sharing -- sharing daily. I confess, I didn't meet the standard of daily sharing. However, I did get several family stories published on my blog.

My blog is the newest way in which I'm trying to share my research with my family. Over the years, I have shared my work in a variety of ways, including my Heartland Genealogy web site with my sourced genealogy. Other ways in which I have shared with my immediate family:
  • Photo album of family pictures
  • CD containing copies of pictures
  • Scrapbook pages covering key events
  • Shared pictures in a Google folder

This past summer, I started using Facebook groups to share photos. As I've been scanning the photo albums from both sides of my family, I've been able to make the digital copies of those photos available to distant cousins quickly and inexpensively.

I recently created a group for the alumni of the local high school. Since the yearbooks were recently scanned, those photos were added to the group. With Facebook, we've been able to make over 40 years of yearbooks available to members of the group.

Sharing stories and pictures online or in a digital format can be relatively quick, easy and inexpensive.  However, I have a concern about the longevity of this format. For this reason, I may end up creating a notebook of the family stories posted on my blog. Either way, I will continue sharing in the future.

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