Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cemetery Bust

Spring break just started and it is gorgeous out! Since it was too nice to be stuck inside scanning, I decided to try and fulfill some photo requests at the Seneca City Cemetery.

Armed with a list of 16 requests from Find a Grave, I stopped by the City of Seneca office to pick up a cemetery map. From there, I went to the Seneca Free Public Library to check for lot numbers since some of the memorials were missing the lot number. [Nemaha County is very lucky since a native living in Ohio has indexed all of the cemeteries and placed copies of those indexes in the library.]

My quest for pictures started in the older part of the cemetery, looking for Ridgway stones in lot 180. Unfortunately, no stones remain in the area of this lot.

From there, I ventured to the Wells plot (lot 147) in search of Adolphus Wells (1832-1903). Several Wells family members are buried in this plot, but there isn't a stone for Adolphus.

While in the older part of the cemetery, I also looked for Sally Campbell (1842-1891). The index has her in lot 1890-4. However, there aren't that many lots in the cemetery. Assuming a typo, I figured it could be either lot 180 (the Ridgway plot) or lot 189 (or even 190). I didn't find a stone for a Sally Campbell in any of  those locations.

Next on my list was Naoma Hanes who was listed as Naoma Haines (b1842)  in lot 261-7. Again, I found no stone in the area of lot 261 for a Hanes or a Haines.

I then went in search of Joseph Ford (1840-1921) in lot 341. I found the Ford family plot but there wasn't a stone for a Joseph in that plot.

From the Ford plot, I ventured West to lot 269 in search of Victoria Pike (1872-1952). Again, there is no stone marking this grave.

My last search was for the Magees in lot 329. Even though most plots in this area have a large family stone, I could not find a Magee stone. Nor could I find individual stones for Thomas (1835-1915), Margaret (1836-1913) ir Iva (1870-1927) Magee.

While walking around, I did take pictures of some BLAND stones in hopes that I could connect them with my BLAND line that lived in Platte County, Missouri.

Even though taking pictures of stones proved to be a bust, it was a nice to be outdoors taking advantage of the great weather!