Monday, August 15, 2016

More Circles, Please

For some, DNA is all about their ethnicity. For me, it is all about finding actual cousins. I'm not just looking for that 7 cM of common DNA but for much longer pieces -- my cousins.

Recently, I discovered that a little work on my part could improve my results on AncestryDNA. I found if I quit ignoring those green leaves (called 'shaky leaves' by some) and actually worked to confirm the hints, the number of 'shared matches' [shared ancestor hints] would increase.

When I posted about this on the 11th, my DNA circles hadn't really changed. However, I now have 16 circles when I had only been seeing about six.

Now, I'm after more circles! I'm experimenting with my Crawford and Mentzer lines. I currently don't have any circles for those lines -- even though I have known cousins in my DNA results. [Check out my Heartland_Genealogy tree on Ancestry.]

To try and 'create' those circles, I've been working thru hints for the collateral lines. Since I had already documented census research in my database, it was fairly easy to confirm census hints for the brothers and sisters of my ancestors on each line.

Now to wait the few days to see what happens! 
Will I get a CRAWFORD or a MENTZER circle?