Friday, August 26, 2016

Crawford Cluster Spreadsheet (Part 2)


I've managed to combine event data from SIX different lines:
  • James Crawford and Sally Smith Duggins (mine - names in blue)
  • James Crawford and Martha Knight (Knight - names in green)
  • James Crawford and Rebecca Anderson (Anderson - names in brown)
  • Alexander Crawford and Mary McPheeters (McPheeters - names in red)
  • William N. Crawford (WilliamN - names in purple)
  • Nathaniel Sellers (Sellers - names in dark yellow)
Besides color coding the names, I color coded the four major counties for my branch:
  • Garrard County, Kentucky -- shaded with lime green
  • Preble County, Ohio -- shaded with yellow
  • Warren County, Indiana -- shaded with bright blue
  • Ford County, Kansas -- shaded with orange 
 Recent DNA tests are shedding more light on potential connections:
  • yDNA indicates probably relationship to William N. Crawford 
  • yDNA indicates my Crawford line may connect to the McPheeters line somehow
  • a Sellers researcher believes I share DNA with SELLERS descendants (using gedmatch)
  • Some Ancestry matches have SELLERS family in their trees
  • Some Ancestry matches have Anderson / Vawter families in their trees
  • So far DNA does not support relationship between two James Crawfords of Preble County, Ohio 
So what have I learned?
  • There's more overlap than I realized. Because of the DUGGINS/SELLERS marriage, I knew there was a connection with my James Crawford (step-son). However, I didn't remember the connections with the James/Martha line.
  • I evidently got a lot of marriage info from the IGI or similar source and need to get better documentation.
  • The James Crawford / Rebecca Anderson line needs further research because of the Garrard County, Kentucky connection along with potential DNA connections.
 The spreadsheet is shared for viewing on Google Drive.