Monday, September 5, 2016

Shaky Leaf Progress

They're Gone
(At least on the surface)

Even though I already had many of these in my RootsMagic database, I elected to tackle these leaves. Some might ask why I am spending so much time on this versus locating new information. As I was doing this I found that I could
  • double-check my data (i.e. a Go Over)
  • convert my citations from the format I used in Master Genealogist to current standards
  • add images to the citations
Besides updating my data, I found that several of these 'shaky leaves' actually led to sources that I didn't realize existed. 

Unfortunately, I probably have quite a few more shaky leaves to tackle since I have descendants for at least a generation or two for each of my ancestors. Thus, there are a lot of people waiting for me to look at their screen and confirm or ignore each 'shaky leaf'.