Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cousin Bait Circle

I first became aware of the term 'Cousin Bait' by viewing the 'Mondays with Myrt' hangouts. Even though I've been sharing my genealogy for years, I had not heard the term before. The purpose of 'cousin bait' is to locate 'cousins' so you can share research.

I've had the good fortune to work with several 'cousins' who were truly willing to critique my research and provide hints and even share documentation. In one case, a cousin in Washington (state) and I were working on her CURREY line and trying to document a death place. She had an obituary indicating that her ancestor, James Barnes Currey (Curry) died in Oregon. Neither one of us could find the family in Oregon and were about to decide the obituary was wrong when we realized that he did die in Oregon -- Oregon, Holt County Missouri.

Unfortunately, I often find my research incorporated into someone else's tree without ever contacting me. Many would question how I know it is my research. My reply is because I included the file number in my citation and they are including that citation. While doing a search on one of my New England families on Ancestry, I found a link to a 'Public Member Story' that included my citation:

I can go to my filing cabinet and locate the document numbered WELLS.MI.023. I sincerely doubt that the person who posted this has any clue what WELLS.MI.023 refers to.

Ironically, I don't have much documentation on this New England family and am willing to try and find the records that will prove the dates and relationships. 

Technically, what I found posted on Ancestry is plagiarism. Since I would love to collaborate with this cousin, I'm not going to push the plagiarism button. As I've included my name and email on my site, I would appreciate if cousins would scroll to the bottom to find the email and contact me.